Criminal Stalking

It’s an unfortunate fact of animal rescue and animal abuse that organizations such as this — and reporters as well — are too often targeted by person or persons that are involved in crimes against animals.

For this reason, we remain in close contact with law enforcement and work with them to protect those that face the greatest threat from those being investigated.

This portion of the site deals with Retaliatory Stalking and seeks to ensure that those reporting crimes have knowledge of the resources necessary to protect themselves.

Here is a state by criminal state stalking site that provides the information necessary to report crimes against themselves during the investigative phase of their research.

If you have questions or need assistance in filing the appropriate reports in the appropriate states — or if you have questions about Interstate Stalking, please email us for assistance and the names of Criminal Stalking specialists in the states with which you are working.

Remember: criminals commit crimes. The people involved in the types of animal crimes as those contained in this site will have no reservation about threatening or attempting to destroy you if, for no other reason than to silence you!

You’re in good company — all investigators deal with this very real issue and laws have been enacted to protect those on the right side of the law from the criminal element which will not stop until they’re prosecuted.

Our attorneys are here for you and they will assist in involving the right law enforcement agencies to assist you in protecting yourself until the investigations can be completed and appropriate action taken.

Click this link to go to the site or copy and paste the link into your browser as some do not render correctly. You will find them an excellent resource.



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