As defenders of equines throughout the United States, we strive to protect animals against what often seems like insurmountable odds. Overbreeding — from the overly zealous ‘optomists’ that think they will take the race world ‘by storm’ to the back yard breeders that breed to satisfy their own curiosities have all contributed to create what has become an unbelievably overburdened equine market.

These issues along with ‘back door’ policies now allow for the prompt and silent ‘disposal’ of animals who have failed to win their worth in prize monies or simply the wrong place at the wrong time have brought about a ‘killing machine’ in this country that is profoundly efficient.

With the ‘Slaughter Pipeline’ in full swing, equine afficianados find themselves dealing not only with stolen horses but scams of every stripe and kind: the type of issues law enforcement should address but are, too often, reluctant to allocate the resources necessary for resolving them.

There are, after all, limits to the resources they have at their disposal — and the needs of animals can often wind up ‘displaced’ at the bottom of a very long list of priorities.

This is the strength of Equine Crusaders. We are volunteer based and bring a great deal of expertise to bear on specific issues — those that concern animals unable to speak up for themselves.

We assist in virtually all aspects of investigation, compiling information for law enforcement based investigators as well as journalists who work to bring the most egregious cases to the forefront.

We work hand in hand with attorneys who have a passion for equines and stand staunchly in their defense.

Many of the most egregious scams come to the attention of journalists and reporters before they find their way to the desks of prosecutors.


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