Past Investigations

For those interested in the investigations concerning the horses from Texas, please understand that we are not able to provide specific information but will refer you to the investigators handling that matter.

It was discovered that there had been an individual that purchased the horses in question and the media was very interested in the purchaser of those horses for multiple reasons: they were ready to do a story that involved stipulating who, specifically, paid for the rescued horses. Their story would have been inaccurate because they were provided false/erroneous information. Reviewing the records and receipts, they cancelled the story.

The other reason for concern was that information being provided online [albeit temporarily] affected  the record concerning these horses. Information has since been gathered to clarify and correct that record.

Many people have stayed silent on these matter because to do otherwise will bring about a situation in which people no longer feel safe about donating any money to any organization to save slaughterbound horses.

Already, this is being interpreted and subsequently recommended by many as  ‘no more funds to ‘middlemen’ — and donations have been severely  curtailed.

The horses in question in this case WERE purchased outright — but that information was withheld from the public as donations might continue to be solicited.

To date, all efforts to bring the situation to the forefront failed, due in no small part to the reluctance on the part of rescues to rip the lid from this potentially deadly ‘Pandora’s Box’ which will bring about even fewer funds for rescuing horses truly in need.



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