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There is an issue happening with ‘rescue’ in this country today, facilitated by the Internet, which is resulting in ‘fund raising’ for animals that are presumed to be ‘in danger’. Unfortunately, it’s opened the door to fraud — encouraging people to donate — only later to discover that the animals were not saved or were never in jeopardy In the first place because a rescue had already been established.

In short, they’re capitalizing on half truths and emotional responses to ‘crisis’ situations which may or may not be real.

Perhaps most tragic of all, some are raising funds for rescues that never happen. They take the money intended for rescue [often referred to as ‘skimming’] and the horses wind up going to slaughter because there is no one to step up — to follow through — to see that the rescue ever happened. 

It’s here that the public most commonly gets scammed — providing funds on the basis of someone’s ‘word’ — when that ‘word’ is worth nothing.

When similar situations happen where people — and fundraising — are concerned, prosecutors are quick to respond.

Consider, for instance, the story of a ‘homeless’ individual in New Jeresey who was involved in a three-way situation in which funds were raised to ‘assist’ this individual via the couple that initially helped him. The outcome? All three were charged with Theft by Deception and Conspiracy to Commit Theft by Deception.

This site has been targeted because of stories presented here. 

There are whistleblower protections in place to assist those who provide information and cooperate with law enforcement. Please see our WHISTLEBLOWERS page for information on how to obtain assistance or contact us regarding your needs concerning assistance — we are here for you.

Those who commit fraud usually don’t stop until they’re prosecuted. No matter how threatening they become, DO NOT BACK DOWN. Get help. We’re here for you.

“Our Finanical Crimes Unit and High Tech Crimes Unit worked together on this case and reviewed over 60,000 text messages. We began the investigation with the allegations out of the media and the civil litigation.”

—          Scott A. Coffina                                Burlington County NJ Prosecutor
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