Whistleblower Law

Whistleblowers: The First Line of Defense for the Defenseless

Life for whistleblowers can be frought with difficulty — especially in the beginning of a case, when they are the first ‘investigators’ to realize there is a problem and then have to take on the fraudsters, not always knowing who may be involved.

Although this phase of ‘reporting’ is usually relatively brief and has its rewards at the end when the perpetrator is stopped, there can be moments of sheer terror and we always encourage people to find a trusted friend to assist with the process — keeping tabs on your whereabouts, accompanying you to any sites you feel compelled to investigate, assisting you with back up copies of your notes to provide to investigators.

“If you need assistance with an investigation, contact our HOTLINE
at (888) 723-8083, we can send people to assist you.”
— Equine Crusaders

In most cases, silence will only be construed as a ‘free pass’ in the mind of a criminal and will only result in further fraud on the part of the perpetrator so, failing to report can only postpone the inevitable because most will not stop of their own volition but will continue to defraud others until they’re caught and, finally, prosecuted.

For this reason, we work hand in hand with prosecutors as well as state and federal agencies and attorneys to see that fraud is exposed. As you can imagine, this does NOT make us ‘popular’ with scam artists who are defrauding the public.

Our focus is fraud concerning equines. As you will read elsewhere in this document, there are a great many issues involving equines and fraud. Thankfully, most of it is not being perpetrated by true horse aficionados but by those who want to be seen as such: they pose as rescues but are just ‘buying and selling horses’ as ‘flippers’ while convincing the rescue community to provide the funds they need to purchase horses and offer them for sale — pocketing the difference. This is NOT a legal business practice and any ‘rescue’ utilizing this business model is at risk of being accused of fraud because they’re ‘underwriting’ what would normally be a ‘business expense’ with charitably donated funds for the purpose of simply making [tax exempt] money.

Note: The IRS has a great deal to say on this topic. That story will soon be available on this site.

In most cases, they aren’t true ‘charitable’ organizations but will tell you they’re ‘in the process’ of obtaining their 503 (c)3 certification from the IRS. This DOES NOT put them in a position where they can collect funds that will be shown as ‘tax deductible donations’ for their donors.

When combined with a strategy of ‘crisis rescues’ these individuals can convince people to ‘donate’ in order to circumnavigate the crisis at hand which, if the organization doesn’t have a HISTORY of doing so can often be accepted, on its face, as ‘legitimate’. But if this claim is a constant factor in convincing people to give funds, it can comply be the ‘modus operandi’  and indicative of behavior intended to create a situation in which people set aside their concerns about ‘legitimacy’ in favor of providing a critical ‘rescue’ for a deserving animal.

This scenario has brought about it’s own moniker: these animals are called ‘heartstring horses’ by insiders within the ‘rescue horse’ industry which, at this time, is generating hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of the most notorious individuals working within the boundaries of America’s Slaughter facilities.

If you are unfamiliar with whistleblower protections, there is information you need to utilize to open and follow through on your civil claim against these organizations and people.

1. Do not attempt to retaliate. Obtain [or let us obtain for you] an open line of communication with prosecutors, government agencies and an attorney specializing in whistleblower law in your state and strictly abide by what they tell you to do.

2. If the matter involves Internet Fraud it involves Interstate law and will require federal investigation with a specialized team of investigators.

3. Do not share information nor post to social media any information pertaining to your case nor the investigation or prosecution thereof.

If you have questions or considerations, do not hesitate to contact us: we will put you in direct contact with an attorney that can guide you through the process and ensure that your whistleblower protections can and will remain intact.

While it is difficult to maintain your silence in the face of being fraudulently and wrongfully persecuted, this is a necessary part of investigations and most professionals in the field of prosecution are more than familiar with your plight. This is, in fact, the very reason these laws were enacted.

There are things you can do to set the record straight once the prosecution of the perpetrator is in place that will involve legal remedies — ones that most often involve financial compensation and some including punitive damages, as well — to compensate you for your suffering.

Your reputation need not be destroyed nor your credibility compromised.

Once those facilitating the fraud are prosecuted, the storm clouds will clear. Our attorneys, prosecutors and other professionals can and will guide you thru the process.

Contact us for further information at (888) 723-8083

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